Recipes for parents on when to say 'yes' and how to say 'no'

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Mark Le Messurier, teacher, counsellor and coach to young people and parents has just finished writing RAISING BEAUT KIDS - his 9th book - with Bill Hansberry. He wants to ignite your thinking about how you choose to parent! In writing the foreword, Australia's leading and favourite psychologist, Andrew Fuller says -

"The ingredients of mixing sane parents with positive kids and ending up with a great family is a challenging business. Not all kids respond to the same approaches. Effective parents need to shift their parenting gears every so often. RAISING BEAUT KIDS, is a smorgasbord of ideas that will leave you and your family more positive and happier."

Each chapter offers a typical tricky scenario that parents often face at home with their children and young teens - accompanied with the ingredients that usually fire things up! Then, they offer a set of 'Recipe rescues' as an optimistic problem solver; practical ways to respond to kids when they serve up those awkward and annoying behaviours. Sometimes a simple tweak to our emotional response can make a big difference! So come on, take the challenge with us; RAISING BEAUT KIDS has as much to do with our relationship with them as it has to do with shaping their behaviour - the two go hand in hand.

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DO YOU KNOW?... that a chapter from RAISING BEAUT KIDS can be downloaded for FREE at http://www.marklemessurier.com.au/main/ Just go to the left hand side of the WELCOME PAGE and click on, ' Download this month's free chapter of Raising Beaut Kids'. Each month Mark will post a new complimentary chapter from the book.

DID YOU KNOW?... Mark will accept invitations to present his EDUCATOR WORKSHOPS and PARENT EDUCATION SEMINARS from schools and parent organisations? To see what's available, go to -

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